Fat Goose Gourmet Deli, Killcare, Hardys Bay

The Fat Goose Restaurant and Cafe, Hardys Bay, Killcare

The bakery & deli

Patisserie bread tarts killcare hardys bay

Baked daily

  • Breads & croissants
  • Friands & sweet pastries
  • Savory pies & quiches

Deli supplies

  • Australian & International cheeses
  • Specialty deli meats
  • Gourmet sauces & accompaniments



The bakery and deli supplies a wide range of freshly baked artisan breads, pastries and specialty deli items.

Hand-crafted rustic, italian style breads, rye loaves, classic European pastries such as croissants, pain au chocolat, a range of gluten free breads and sweets, muffins, friands, savory pies and quiches are baked daily in our kitchens.